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Timothy J Los scammer ?

We are looking for victims of his fraud in Europe

If you have been a victim of fraud or suffered from the actions of Timothy J Los, please contact us to prepare a class action lawsuit. A number of cases of people being deceived in European countries, including Italy, have been recorded. This man, traveling with his wife (Kaoru Los) and 2 cats, poses as a rich man and tries to fraudulently use various services without paying for them. To do this, he provides fake screenshots from the bank, allegedly confirming that he sent the payment. All this happens on the eve of the weekend (usually on Thursday or Friday), so that the victim does not have the opportunity to contact the bank and clarify the details of the transaction. He tells the victims that the payment is delayed, but he has already sent it and they just need to wait for the money to arrive. Trusting people and companies go to meet this person, provide a service, in the hope of receiving legitimate payment. However, in the future, citizen Timothy J Los disappears, and payment is never received. Then he either does not answer calls/emails, or answers in monosyllables and stalls for time.

Please do not trust Timothy Los and do not work with him without advance payment. Take care of your strength and nerves. We ask all victims to contact us by email at All new facts of fraud will be submitted for consideration of the case in court.

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